Entrepreneurs Are Optimists

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They Take Charge With Upbeat Vitality

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

I've long argued that there are two types of people out there. I call them "The Victim" and "The Entrepreneur." You can usually tell the difference by the sort of energy a person exudes. While everyone experiences their own personal ups and downs, the long-term trend you sense from an Entrepreneur is one of optimism, and that from a Victim is one of pessimism.

An Entrepreneur, whether she's in business for herself or not (many aren't), is an adventurer. She takes risks, she takes the initiative. When she plays soccer, she wants the ball. She sees the defenders (the problems, the obstacles, whatever), but she believes she can get past them and score her goal. She bets, but she's no gambler; a gambler relies on luck, and an Entrepreneur relies on her own ability.

The Victim is hoping someone else takes the ball... and, oddly, he's quick to criticize others for the way they make the plays he's unwilling even to try. When he bets and wins, he claims victory as though he'd just stormed the Bastille single-handedly; when he loses, it's because "The Man" is out to keep him down. And if you ask him for his prediction, he'll predict defeat almost every time.

Entrepreneurs are willing to lead, or to follow a great leader. Victims are willing to do neither.

Entrepreneurs are confident, and they're curious about others... Victims are scared, and they're much more likely to be critical of others.

The Victim sees life as a win-lose proposition (and usually, one that's stacked against him), and he is therefore very competitive. The Entrepreneur knows we can all win, and reaches out to collaborate with others. That's why the Entrepreneur attracts such a large (and talented) followership.

For the Victim, life is always bad and getting worse. For the Entrepreneur, it's good and getting better.

Which are you? What would those who're around you every day, observing your attitudes and your actions, say if asked to describe you?

If you're in a bad patch in your life right now, try to pull yourself out of it. Start by doing whatever it takes to manufacture a positive outlook on life. If you're worried, take some positive action. Don't give yourself time to sit around and imagine a bad future! If you lack energy, start working out and taking your vitamins. If you're broke, start a business on the side and learn what it's going to take to preserve and grow your wealth in these tough economic times (and the tougher times to come).

The old saying "your attitude determines your altitude," corny as it is, is right on. Be an Entrepreneur. Aim higher.


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Entrepreneurs Are Optimists

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This article was published on 2010/10/23